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Graham Metson’s life and times


H.  613 961 2021

C.  613 922 6403 



712 Weese Road, R.R.1

Carrying Place,

Ontario, Canada, K0K1L0   


I’ve always painted figures, runners, jumpers,

Cyclists, hurdlers, workers, dancers.,

Athletes and anguish

Lovers and loners

I express yearning and the movement of the spirit

Lusting and desire.

Response and reaction

I like Marey and Muybridge, the energy of the Futurists

The structural vocabulary of Joyce and Pound.

The poetry of Eliot, the humour of Becket.

I like film

I make figures in motion, I’m interested in all senses of


Inner spiritual movement as well as physical movement.

The figure is US involved in our internal and external visions

of the flowing timespace that is all and us, .

I create paradoxical spacetime

The figures move and change before your very eyes.

I play with figure field,

with implicate and explicate.

The Paintings await your interaction.

I have seen the Aleph

and found Ariadne’s thread and Met the Minotaur,

Yawd and pitched with Dedalus

felt the hot wax from the wings in Icarus

felt his noble failure

Felt the felt that Beuy’s felt

Moth to candle flame

II was born a Cubist in the second world war

I’m a city kid cockney media child

I like the sound of trains, the racket of the city.

As a little boy I remember standing in the rain at a major junction

Trapped in the grid of roads and rails, power lines, tram lines,

Telephone lines, street lights, extending into perspective

Even in the puddle that was the street

Suspended like a fly in amber of city secretions.

Windows reflecting windows reflecting windows reflecting windows

in my soul

Doors opened - strange worlds

Like Alice, I found my route.

I have somewhere to go.

I have proof of change.

i like to run, to swim to ski to hike.

I do yoga every day,

I keep fit.

My body’s the only one I’ve got. I treat it well, I love it.

Its my vehicle, my spaceship, my recording tool,

my responder and receiver, my remote.

I’m wired, I’m a cyber child, a chronicler of spacetime.

I contain awesome RAM and infinite ROM

With the action of my body I manipulate substance,

Document experience

In the workplay of my art.

I use discarded images, I create new ones.

Putting together by synchronicity

speculative fictions - Metson- Meta -fours concerned with the

paradoxical realities all virtual that surround shape and are us.

Artist statement. 1990